Newmansbuzz’s Top YouTube Video

Dear Readers,’


2016 was a hell of a year. I produced 20-50 deep pieces of content for numerous clients spread out over some industries.


  • Dentists
  • Real Estate Clients
  • Art Galleries
  • Politicians

I also circled back around and took a look at the content I produced for myself.  To my surprise, a video I did four years has been slowly growing an audience and dominating youtube search. The video titled “The top 10 mistakes real estate owners make” was done in support of a blog post I did on my website Here is a link to the article itself:

What is a newmansbuzz?

Robert Newman is the founder of Inbound Real Estate Marketing and Newmansbuzz. He helps companies like AT&T, Sprint, Ciplex, and imFORZA grow their revenue.


He has owned four previous companies in the following industries:


  • desktop printer consumables
  • discount travel
  • house cleaning
  • small business development


He has a cadre of past clients that include movie stars, fortune 100 companies, and generally cool people.

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